Kirsty Paxton and Amy Slatem

Why is there a hole in the wall?

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Year : 2016
Age range : 7 years old and more
Tag(s) : Poetry & imagination ; Travelling & new worlds ; Discovering new regions
Duration : 3 - 4 min
“Why is there a hole in the wall?” Lungisa asks. He gets lots of interesting answers…but he keeps on asking.
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Some of our little ones love to ask questions, always looking for new information. I am sure you know what I mean ! This is the case of Lungisa in his village. He asks the same question to several people. Each answer has a very interesting point, very different. With this story we understand that there can be different good answers to one question but most of all we understand the impact and the importance to listen to different points of view when we want to understand a fact.
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